Ashmolean Museum in Oxford

Villa dei Quintili

Route panels

Santa Maria Nova

New panels for buildng

Santa Maria Nova

Mapping of building walls

Villa of Quintilii

New survey

Liberty Building at Giardini Magherita

Architectural survey

Palace of Venezia

Architectural survey

Fountain of Neptune

Bologna, IT


Portrait in two parts. Art Institute of Chicago

Verba Appia

An innovative approach to discover the Ancient Appian Way

Welcome to Studio MCM

Studio MCM has worked since 1994 in the field of archaeological and architectural recording and the graphic documentation of excavations, research and restoration projects. Constantly updating our technologies has allowed us to provide excellent support for scholars in the projects we have worked on over the years. This experience has given us enormous expertise in documentation methodologies; we seek out and use cutting-edge high performance tools in order to provide a concrete response to the needs of our clients.


March, 2019 - Antinous bust

3D scan of Antinous bust at Ashmolean Museum in Oxford

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From the beginning of our activities we understood how the acquisition and interpretation of data is the base for any projects. To this, we always dedicated resources to improve our knowledge and update our technical equipment.

Graphics for communication

In our field, the objective of research, study, protection, restoration and conservation is increasingly that of communicating the results. Working on exhibition displays has gradually become an important part of our work.

3D Scan

We own a complete suite of topographical tools and laser scanning equipment both for recording monuments and the maximum resolution recording of statues and low surveys.

Our Latest Works