Who we are

Studio MCM is active from more than 25 years. This experience speaks for us and tells much more than a river of words could do.We have worked for years in the cultural heritage sector, collaborating with Superintendencies, Museums, Foundations and Universities. Our work is a tested mix of manual skills and professional, cultural, scientific and technological expertises in constantly updating. Working in this field requires special attention: you must own and know how o use advanced technological tools, but abote all, you ned the peculiar intelligence and sensitivity of those who work on unique sites and objects passed down to us from many centuries ago. Our secret is a huge passion and deep involvement in all the projects we realize.
...and we are proud of it!

  • Monica

    Monica Cola

    I'm always been fascinated by archaeologists, wich excavate the soil to find traces of ancient civilizations, studying their settlementes, objects and so forth and who through this work find historical data on how our “ancestors” thought or how peoples or individuals use to lived or how life was organized in the places they study. They use evidences to build up a picture of the lifestyle of past cultures, obviously without ignoring the celebratory and monumental architecture of those cultures, wich are today unkonw to most. This whole world just seemed like a hobby in my dreams when i was a young architecture student. Sadly I'm not an archaeologist but I realised that I can nonetheless support their studies, projects and teams with my professional skills."


  • Raffaella

    Raffaella Cola

    Organization, communication and graphics

  • Francesco

    Francesco Borgogni

    Technical director, 2D and 3D topography

Worked with us

  • Etienne Barthelemy
  • Paolo Carta
  • Marta Carusi
  • Viviana Comito
  • Paola Giuffrè
  • Alessandro Lupi
  • Anna Marcucci
  • Mattia Occhialini
  • Valentina Santoro
  • Valentina Schiavi
  • Marco Tondo
  • Maria Luisa Vitali

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