Exhibition Panels

We did a lot of panels for Cultural Heritage exhibitions. Panels are the most common way to inform the visitor about the objects shown. But their design is quite not trivial. On the contrary, there are a lot of considerations and issues to take into account when creating a panel. We have paid a lot of attention to the guests behaviour before finding the best trashold point between contents and readibility, images and text, explanations and references.

  • La Mia Appia

    History of protection

  • Palazzo Massimo alle Terme

    Permanent exhibition

  • Bronzes room

    Boxer at rest and Hellinistic prince

  • Villa of the Quintilii

    Villa of the Quintilii

    New panels for Antiquarium

  • Archaeology & ME

    The results of european competition

  • Santa Maria Nova

    Santa Maria Nova

    Photographic exibition
    “Appia. Self portrait”

  • Revolution Augustus

    The Emperor who rewrote the time and the city

  • Roman Farnesina Villa

    New exhibit at Palazzo Massimo alle Terme

  • Monsters

    Fantastic creatures
    of fear and myth

  • The Dream of White and the Stones of the Past

    The Dream of White and the Stones of the Past

    Itto Kuetani exhibition

  • Pompeian Red

    Pompeian red

    Pictorial decoration in the collections of the Naples and Pompeii museums

Other exhibitions

  • Panels for Palazzo Altemps Museum
  • Discover the Max
  • Cecilia Metella Mausoleum on Ancient Appian Way
  • The Morgantina treasure
  • Archaeology festival
  • The Great Archaeological Excavations of "La Sapienza"
  • Communication project of Palazzo Altemps Museum - 2015
  • Leptis Magna
  • Sabratha
  • Ivory mask
  • Power signs
  • Invito a tavola
  • From the valley of the Colosseum to the Capitol
  • Marble, Milk, Hawthorn
  • New signs of Palazzo Massimo alle Terme halls
  • Set up of “Bronzi” hall- Portrait gallery- Augustus hall at Palazzo Massimo alle Terme
  • The Marble Secret
  • Egyptian sculpture
  • Fasti Antiates (Antium)
  • We go outside to see the stars
  • The imaginary kingdoms
  • Panels and signs for archaeological area of Santa Maria Nova